catching up.

So I haven't been good about posting lately but  it's been a lot of the same/normal life for us around here. Basketball season is in full swing for Jack so he is gone ALOT, which means things are naturally more busy for me without him here to help out with the girls. I feel like there is always tons of laundry and dishes to do, errands to run and toys to pick up.
I love working at the preschool but on those days after wrangling 3 year olds all morning I don't want to do anything the rest of the day. After finally getting the girls home, fed, and napping, by 2pm I am shot. So needless to say I don't do much cleaning or picking up Mon-Wed so by Thursday the house is quite the mess. I got my work cut out for me tomorrow :)
Kirsten has now painted 4 pumpkins so far this fall and they are all sitting out on our front porch. I don't think we will be buying anymore. It's starting to look like a pumpkin patch on our little porch.
(I plan on trying to make my own from scratch pumpkin pie and some pumpkin puree for Kara out of them once the season is over. )
Last weekend we took the girls to a local farm with a corn maze, pumpkin patch, and other fun activities for kids. Kirsten had a ball! We went through the beginners corn maze and it still took us over 20 minutes. I think we took every wrong turn first before backtracking all the way to near the beginning. I have no sense of direction so had it not been for Jack we may have never lost forever!

This saturday I am running in my first race...Yay! It's a 5k that my church is hosting to benefit a program called Refuge for Women. They help show God's love to women in the adult entertainment industry by offering residential housing and a new beginning. I have run the 5k distance and more many times but this will be my first time running in a race. I am by no means fast, but I like to run so I'm excited to get out there with lots of other runners, and to help out a good cause.


Halloween craft - googly eye ghosts :)

Our neighbors go all out when decorating for holidays. Thankfully for Halloween they like to go the cute route rather than scary. I walked Kirsten across the street the other day so she could check out all of their decorations, and on one of the bushes they had a bunch of little hanging ghosts that Kirsten thought where cute so I decided we could make some as a fun craft.
I went to the dollar tree and bought a white plastic table cloth, some ribbon (Kirsten picked purple), and a pack of googly eyes. So for only 3 bucks we were able to make some super cute little ghosts.

I cut the table cloth into squares, about 8-10 inches wide maybe. Then crinkled up a piece of a plastic shopping bag into a ball and put it in the middle of the table cloth square, pulled the cloth up around the ball and tied it off right under the ball with a long piece of ribbon. Then all we had to do was glue on the googly eyes. If you don't want to use googly eyes you could just draw some on with a sharpie.

We now have happy little ghosts hanging from our front tree.