Halloween craft - googly eye ghosts :)

Our neighbors go all out when decorating for holidays. Thankfully for Halloween they like to go the cute route rather than scary. I walked Kirsten across the street the other day so she could check out all of their decorations, and on one of the bushes they had a bunch of little hanging ghosts that Kirsten thought where cute so I decided we could make some as a fun craft.
I went to the dollar tree and bought a white plastic table cloth, some ribbon (Kirsten picked purple), and a pack of googly eyes. So for only 3 bucks we were able to make some super cute little ghosts.

I cut the table cloth into squares, about 8-10 inches wide maybe. Then crinkled up a piece of a plastic shopping bag into a ball and put it in the middle of the table cloth square, pulled the cloth up around the ball and tied it off right under the ball with a long piece of ribbon. Then all we had to do was glue on the googly eyes. If you don't want to use googly eyes you could just draw some on with a sharpie.

We now have happy little ghosts hanging from our front tree.

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