You gotta try this! and a close call.

So I had some mushrooms to use before they went bad, and was wanting to make a creamy pasta dish with them. I did a little google searching and found a recipe that looked like a winner. And boy was it! This was probably one of the best tasting pasta dishes I have made in awhile. We loved it!

I didn't think about taking pictures to share with you, but here is one from the source.

I got the dish all ready and in the oven so that I could go run while it finished cooking. I set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes and told Jack to take it out when it beeped. Well, he was outside playing with the girls when the timer went off so her didn't hear it. When I got back from my run 30 minutes later, it was still in the oven! So it cooked a good 10-15 minutes longer than it should have. I was bummed and thought it might be ruined. Thankfully it still turned out great!
I cut the recipe in half and it fit in an 8x8 baking dish, making enough to serve our little family 2 times. Instead of topping with just Parmesan cheese (as the original recipe calls for) I mixed some Parmesan with Panko bread crumbs, garlic salt, and pepper and then sprinkled that on top.
Even with ours getting a little over done and it was still super delicious. I really recommend trying it!

Here is the link to the recipe: I really thought I was going to die on my run last night. It was not from the running though. Here's what happened:
As I was running down the sidewalk of a street near our house all of a sudden I heard a loud barking. Now, this is not unusual because almost everyone has a dog, and dogs are dumb. So they bark at everything they see! Of course, It startled me like it always does, so I looked over expecting to see a dog barking behind a fence, but when I saw a humongous dog charging toward me I literally screamed out loud! AHHH!!! This thing was going to attack me! I ran out to the street away from it, and then right before it got to the sidewalk it got caught by it's leash. Whew!!! Scared me to death, and I am sure that I looked like a real crazy woman to anyone watching. Stupid dogs :) I know most people love them, but not me. Unless they are cute and little, don't stink, or bark, or lick me. Oh wait...that's a cat. I like cats :)

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