It drives me nuts...

...when the girls will not take their naps.

God blessed me with wonderful girls, but neither of them are excellent sleepers. Kirsten was a horrible sleeper as a baby and still wakes up most nights calling for me at least one time. She has never been one of those kids who will nap for 2-3 hours in the afternoon either. Kara is a little better than Kirsten was about sleeping through the night, but still only naps for about an hour at a time usually.

So I try to put both the girls down for their naps at the same time with hopes of getting at least an hour to myself. But today...Kara only slept for 30 minutes, while Kirsten (who I put down for a nap over an hour ago) has still not slept! I know if I let her get up now without napping she will be extremely cranky by 7 or so tonight. So i am being persistent, hoping she will soon fall asleep. ....well, that might not happen! I just heard her thumping on the bedroom wall....ughh!

With Jack working crazy hours for basketball on top of his normal full-time job, nap times are my only break. When they don't happen, the girls aren't the only cranky ones :(

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