Hungry Ducks!

I am loving the fall weather! This past saturday it was beautiful outside, so last minute we decided to take the girls to a local park for a picnic. I just discovered this park, and we decided to try it out even though it's a bit further away because it has a little lake. I knew Kirsten would be excited to have a picnic, but she was even more excited to feed the ducks! She had seen ducks before from a distance but this would be her first experience feeding them.

When we first got there we found a picnic area on a deck near the water and sat down to eat. Kirsten kept quacking at the ducks and begging to go feed them, so our time actually "picnicing" was short :)

Right after we finished eating Jack and Kirsten started walking out to feed the ducks, but before they even got the bread out, almost every duck in the lake came out of the water and started running toward them. This scared Kirsten to death! She wanted out of there quick!

This is only picture I could take before the swarm of ducks scared the bejeezes out of her. Jack quickly picked her up and walked back up the hill to where I was standing with Kara. The ducks followed them all the way up the hill, so I threw out the little bit of bread we brought with us while Kirsten's was in daddy's arms. They devoured the bread super quick! I apparently underestimated how aggressive and hungry the ducks would be. haha! Live and learn.

After that we headed to the playground for some fun. Kirsten was nervous about going down this slide the first time but then wanted to do it over and over again.

I am obviously more excited about Kara sliding that she is :)

                                                      Showing little sister how it's done.

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