Peas and Oreos

I made peas for Kara this week for the first time. She has loved everything else I have given her so far... but she wasn't as excited about the peas.

I think this face says it all...

"I'm not so sure I want another bite."!

Haha! We'll try it again in a couple days, maybe she will learn to love them like her big sissy :)

On Friday the girls and I went shopping to buy a couple presents for Jack's birthday this coming Thursday. After we got back we hid the presents in a closet and I told Kirsten she had to keep it a secret until Daddy opened them at his party. She was so excited and kept asking "Is Daddy's party today?" "Let's celebrate today!" We have started to make a bigger deal out of our birthday's the past couple years because Kirsten loves it so much!
Kirsten could not wait to make daddy's cake and open presents, So yesterday afternoon we decided to go ahead and celebrate since Jack would be working all day on his birthday anyway.
Kirsten helped me wrap up his presents and since it was such an impromtu party we made Oreo Dessert in leiu of a real cake. Jack loves it and it's super quick to put together.

Oreo Dessert -
1 box of Vanilla Pudding (or chocolate if you prefer)
2 - 8 ounce containers of Cool Whip
1 package of Oreo's (crushed)

Make pudding according to package directions. Let set, and then fold in one container of cool whip and about 1/2 the oreos. Spread into 13x9 dish. Top with 1/2 the remaining oreos and then spread the other container of cool whip on top of that. Sprinkle with remaing oreos. Chill and serve :)

Daddy and his girls.  I love them!

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