Bathroom redesign! (The Before and After)

The girls/guest bath was, in my opinion, the ugliest room in our new place. So I am very excited to have it finished and looking a ton better!
The original bathroom had peachy tan walls with ugly flower wall border along the top. That picture actually doesn't do justice to how ugly the wall color really was.

                           BEFORE:                                                                          AFTER:

We painted the walls a grey color called "Silver Spoon" by Olympic. Took down all the gold towel rods and toilet paper holder, switching them out for white ones. And painted the mirror and light fixture white to match.
They also had sliding shower doors on the bathtub which we removed and replaced with a fun shower curtain. This is mainly the girls' bathroom but is also the guest bath in the house, so I wanted it to be cute and girly for them, but not over the top.


I found this cute picture at Hobby Lobby for only $10.

So there it is! What do you think? I'm loving it right now, and keep pausing as I walk by to admire it's beauty :)


Making our house a home

We're in our new house! And now the projects have begun. The house we bought is only 16 years old, so no major renovations are necessary but the couple who lived here before us were elderly so it definitely needed some cosmetic changes to suit our tastes. We are painting EVERYTHIING and there are alot of walls, it seems unending. We have finally completed the living room and entry area but are no where near finished. There are wallpaper borders to be ripped down, cabinets to be refinished, lighting fixtures to change....the list goes on. I'm getting pretty handy with the power drill :) The house is really beautiful and I am so excited to make it perfect for us!
So anyway we are busy busy. School started back for me and the girls, plus college is back in session which makes Jack's job a lot more time consuming as well. There aren't very many spare hours in the day to paint or fix things up so it'll be a long process that's for sure.
One of my favorite parts of the house is our back deck. I love it!


One of the grossest moments ever...

Eww. Eww. Eww....sometimes being a mom is gross. And last night had to be one of the grossest of them all. I've been puked on, snotted on, pooped on, had to catch chewed up food in my hands, all sorts of nasty...but last night, Kara pooped in the tub :( While Kirsten was in there with her. Kirsten NEVER did that and Kara did one other time just a couple weeks ago, but that time it was a simple scoop and dump clean up. This time was NASTY! I'll spare you the details, but oh my...never again. I hope. And to make it worse Kirsten stood beside me giving play by play commentary on everything I was doing. So I had to get rid of the mess and here about it at the same time. yuck.

Most of the time they are pretty stinking cute though, so that makes up for all the nasty we have to deal with. :)

wrestling around in the sleeping bag.
these two are crazy!

playtime at the mall
she was loving herself in these glasses!

Jack's church softball tournament was today so we spent the day playing outside and watching the games.

Sweet Sisters :)


Home Sweet Home!

Hey there! Long time, no see, huh. It's been a crazy busy month! We celebrated Kirsten 4th birthday, and had lots of visitors and fun! She is getting so grown up! I was thinking about it when I was driving home the other day and realized that we are 1/4th of the way there to her learning how to drive herself! It's a ways off but thinking about it that way makes it seem really soon too. Too soon... I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that!
Anyways...on to other news. We moved out to Kentucky a little over 3 years ago after Jack lost his job at Central. We weren't excited about moving so far away from family, but it was a job, so we went. We have loved living here, but still continued to keep our eyes open for potential jobs that could bring us back closer to family. Jack sent out tons of resumes to places we thought might be a good fit, but nothing happened. So, long story short, after 3 years of questioning where we were supposed to be and what we should be doing, we finally have come to peace with a decision.
We've decided to stay here in Wilmore, indefinitely. No more looking for jobs or trying to get back closer to Missouri. We love SO many things about being here. Jack has a job that he loves, and bonus he makes enough money for me to stay with the girls! We have the BEST church family we could ask for! The town we live in and people we get to be around are wonderful! It's come to really feel like home.

So we're buying a house! Again. And we are very excited to finally officially settle in and call Kentucky home.

But, We'll still be cheering on the Tigers this season! Sorry Cats.