One of the grossest moments ever...

Eww. Eww. Eww....sometimes being a mom is gross. And last night had to be one of the grossest of them all. I've been puked on, snotted on, pooped on, had to catch chewed up food in my hands, all sorts of nasty...but last night, Kara pooped in the tub :( While Kirsten was in there with her. Kirsten NEVER did that and Kara did one other time just a couple weeks ago, but that time it was a simple scoop and dump clean up. This time was NASTY! I'll spare you the details, but oh my...never again. I hope. And to make it worse Kirsten stood beside me giving play by play commentary on everything I was doing. So I had to get rid of the mess and here about it at the same time. yuck.

Most of the time they are pretty stinking cute though, so that makes up for all the nasty we have to deal with. :)

wrestling around in the sleeping bag.
these two are crazy!

playtime at the mall
she was loving herself in these glasses!

Jack's church softball tournament was today so we spent the day playing outside and watching the games.

Sweet Sisters :)

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