Making our house a home

We're in our new house! And now the projects have begun. The house we bought is only 16 years old, so no major renovations are necessary but the couple who lived here before us were elderly so it definitely needed some cosmetic changes to suit our tastes. We are painting EVERYTHIING and there are alot of walls, it seems unending. We have finally completed the living room and entry area but are no where near finished. There are wallpaper borders to be ripped down, cabinets to be refinished, lighting fixtures to change....the list goes on. I'm getting pretty handy with the power drill :) The house is really beautiful and I am so excited to make it perfect for us!
So anyway we are busy busy. School started back for me and the girls, plus college is back in session which makes Jack's job a lot more time consuming as well. There aren't very many spare hours in the day to paint or fix things up so it'll be a long process that's for sure.
One of my favorite parts of the house is our back deck. I love it!

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