10 months, and counting

Kara is 10 months old, and finally a crawler!
She started crawling about 2 weeks ago and she is making her way around the house great now. Which also means she is getting into everything, and bugging her sister more by trying to take her toys. Kirsten has been really great with her so far, and shares pretty well. Sometimes her sharing means saying Kara is finished with whatever toy it is she wants, and trading her for something else. For now Kara just goes along with it, we'll see how long that lasts.

Kara loves to babble, she says mama, dada, baba, nana...all of those kinda sounds. She also loves to shake her head "No!" She says no when we notice her getting into something she shouldn't, when you ask her a question, and of course when she doesn't want anymore to eat.
She loves to sing "If you're happy and you know it" and actually claps her hands and stomps/moves her feet at the right times :) She even sings ""la, la, la, la" to the Elmo's world song!

She is really getting the hang of drinking from a sippy this past week too. I am hoping to wean her straight from breastfeeding to a sippy cup, and skip the whole bottle thing all together. She is fighting weaning hardcore though, so we shall see. She just hates formula!

I love my happy baby girl, it's so fun to watch her grow and learn new things but I'm also a little sad that she won't be a baby much longer.


  1. She looks like such a sweet girl! Your daughters are beautiful!