I won!

Today I one a battle of wills with Kirsten!
After we got home from school I made us lunch: tuna salad sandwiches. Gross to some maybe, but we all actually like them, including Kirsten. But today she was not having it.
Now, you have to know that Kirsten is notorious for saying she is not hungry at meal times, and then asking for a snack minutes after getting up from the table. So when she says she is not hungry, instead of forcing her to eat we just tell her that she doesn't have to eat it right now, but that she will not get anything else until that food is gone. Most of the time that's enough to get her to change her mind and start eating.
But today that took 4 1/2 hours. She did not want to eat at lunch time, so I wrapped up her sandwich to save for after her nap. Of course she was disappointed when she woke up wanting a snack and I gave her the tuna sandwich :) She whined and complained so I sent her to her room. This happened probably 4 times before she finally relented and ate her sandwich.  And she was so proud  to show me she had finished! Yay! She's a stubborn girl, but I think maybe I'm just a bit more stubborn.


  1. Good job, Momma! That sounds just like a situation with a certain 4 year old little guy that happens in my house at least a couple times a week :)