The Nutcracker

A friend of mine posted a link on facebook to a blog with a cute fun craft idea using glue, table salt, and water colors. I tried it out with Kirsten this afternoon and had a blast with it.

All you do is squirt Elmer's glue on a piece of paper making whatever design you want.

Then cover all the glue with a good sprinkling of table salt.
Shake off the excess salt into a bowl. For salt painting just have your child gently touch the wet paint brush to the salt. And watch it spread! It's pretty awesome! You have to make sure not to smear the glue. Just tap the paint onto the salt and it spreads on it's own.

First we did squiggles.

Then a happy face :)

This was a super easy, and really cool craft. Kirsten loved watching the paint magically spread across the picture! Try it out with your kids!

On to the event of the night....
Jack was away at a basketball game tonight, so I was looking for something to do with the girls. I looked on our public library's website and was excited to see that they were hosting a Nutcracker Storytime tonight. I knew Kirsten would love it! She is all about dancing lately and LOVES watching Angelina Ballerina, so seing real life ballerina's would be unreal for her!

The children were supposed to dress in the fanciest attire :) So I dressed them up as ballerinas. (most every other mom there did too)  My ballerina's ready to go!

First we got our picture taken with the ballerinas. Yep, me too! Kirsten wouldn't go by herself. Then we colored a nutcracker magnet. After that we had some down time before the show started so we checked out a few books.

The show started with a reading of The Nutcracker. Followed by a ballet performance of 8 different songs from the Nutcracker. It was so fun! Kirsten was glued to the dancers and clapped like crazy for them. She is already asking to go to the ballet again :)

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  1. Love this post! :) how fun!! And I will most definitely be doing the craft w my Girls! A trip to wal-Mart for supplies! :) -- your girls make beautiful ballerinas!