The things she says...

I really need to do a better job about writing down  the cute and silly things that Kirsten says. When she was just starting to talk she would say words and phrases incorrectly but in such a cute way. It's already hard for me to remember the way she talked, I remember she would always say "Hold you" when she wanted me to pick her up, and instead of "another day" she used to say "another one day". There are so many more, but it's hard to think of them all.

As she gets older she doesn't say many things incorrectly anymore, but everyday she says something sweet, clever, or funny. Just today she said a couple different things that were so sweet it almost made me cry :)

While we were in the car she said
"You know why I like to ride in Grandpa and Grandma's, and Nana and Papa's car?' Because I love them" 'You know why I love them"
'Because they're special!"

Then later today she asked
 "Who had Kara before we got her?"
I said "God made her and then he gave her to us."
She said "Oh, yeah! God was holding her."

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