I want to spoil my girls....

I want to spoil my girls...but I don't want my girls to BE spoiled.
I want so bad to give them everything they ever want or ask for, and never have to say no.
Saying no is HARD!

I mean, can I say no to this cuteness?

But with Christmas coming up we have been talking about what to get the girls for their presents. There are so many things I know they would love, I want to buy them everything! But if I take an honest look, they really already have SO much! Of course there are things they do not have but that's a GOOD thing. It's good for them to not have everything. While I would really love to buy them tons of new toys, the cutest clothes, and just spoiled them like crazy....I know that's not the best for them.

I want to help them learn to appreciate what they do have, instead of always wanting more and more. It's hard to say no, it's hard to hold back and give to others instead of ourselves. But I want my girls to grow up knowing that there are more important things than our "things" and that giving really is SO much better than receiving.


  1. So what did you guys decide to do for gifts for them?

  2. We will get them each a couple of toys. But them we want to take them shopping to buy some gifts to give away to other kids (like the angel tree). Of course Kara won't understand at this point, we just want to build a tradition in our house where Christmas is more about giving than getting :)