Mean Girls.

So yesterday after school I was asking Kirsten how her day was and she said one of her good friends didn't play with her. Kirsten said, "I tried to play with her but she said 'Dont talk to me, I don't want to play with you"" Hearing this broke my heart :( I asked Kirsten why she thought her friend said that, and she said "I guess she was just grumpy or something." Then I asked her how that made her feel. Her simple heartbreaking response was "sad".
Most days I'm sure her and her friends get along great! But hearing that one of them wasn't nice to her really made me sad. I ,of course, think Kirsten is the sweetest, most awesome 4 year old alive! So to think of someone not wanting to be her friend, or hurting her feelings in anyway was really hard for me. I talked to her about it a little more and told her that even when we are grumpy or having a bad day it's not nice to say things like that to people. I reminded her about how God wants us to love everyone and by saying mean things we are not showing that person love.
I really don't think it was that big of a deal to Kirsten and I'm sure her and her friend went on playing like normal today, but I just can't stop thinking about how if as a 4 year old she is already feeling the affects of "mean girls" on some level, how I am ever going to be able to get through middle school and high school. Anytime another girl says something mean about her or a boy breaks her heart, it will crush me!
I just hope and pray both her and Kara will have complete confidence in who they are as individuals and more importantly who they are in Christ! I pray they will know that no matter what anyone else says or thinks, they are beautiful, amazing, and uniquely crafted! I pray they are always kind, caring, and uplifiting to their friends and peers. And I pray that as their Mom I will have the wisdom to help them along their way, and complete trust in God that their hearts are always in his hands!

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  1. I had an experience like this last week with Kai and had all these thoughts run through my head. So, I understand and agree with 100% of what you said! Being a momma is the hardest and most rewarding thing ever! You're a good momma!