Birthdays and Batmobiles

Hey there! I haven't felt like blogging the past few weeks so I took a little break. Here's what been going on in my world.  Kara had her 1st birthday! To celebrate we had a couple small parties with both sets of grandparents. It's crazy to me that she is one already, but at the same time it's hard for me to imagine her not being with us! I love my little family!

Kara is such a fun baby, she loves being silly and chasing her sister around the house. She's not walking yet but can take several steps in a row when we practice with her. Any day now! Her favorite foods are yogurt, blueberries, and bananas. I think she could polish off a whole pint of blueberries on her own if I'd let her! She's learning to feed herself with a spoon and is finally starting to sleep though the night on a regular basis. I put her to bed around 8/8:30 and she's up around 7:30. She still takes 2 naps a day but they are getting shorter so we may be going down to one long nap soon.
She says several words now: banana, yogurt, bubus (for blueberries), mama, dada, dora, done, yaa (for yes), and some others.

   Jack's basketball season ended, his team lost in the regional championship game, but were the regular season champs! It's always alot of fun to watch his teams and cheer them on, but I'm happy to have him home more often now though!  He is gone alot of nights and weekends during basketball season and it can get pretty lonely.

   Kirsten went to a brithday party for a couple of her best friends! She was very excited! I took her shopping and let her pick them out some presents. Of course she also found several things that she wants for her birthday too! The party was at an inflatbles center, and Kirsten is terrified of those things :( She would not do anything. I tried and tried to get her to follow her friends into the different mazes and slides. She was just too scared! I got her to go down one slide with me, but when she went to try it by herself, she freaked out halfway up the ladder and I had to help her down! Despite all that, she still says she had fun!

Kirsten with the birthday girls!

   I got back into running again this week! I love running but it never fails, every November-February I hardly run at all. I blame it on the cold and the business of the holiday's and basketball season. But whatever the excuse I've been a slacker! The weather this week has been amazing and I got in five great runs in the last 7 days. I'm so out of shape right now that the 3.2 mile loop I usually do was pretty tough, but by today I was able to cut 2 minutes off my time from last sunday. My parents were here visiting this week, and so my Dad offered to run with me one of the days. He's been running on the treadmill at his house, but this was his first time running outside. I gave him a good workout :) Now I'm in the market for new running shoes, the pair I have are worn out!

Oh and while shopping at Walmart today I saw the Batmobile!!! For real!

Haha! With a handicap tag and all! And I think I spotted Batman inside on one of those motorized carts ; )

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  1. LOL, the batmobile. yay for running! i love my new nike's i got. best running shoes i've ever had. the free run 2 . expensive but man they are nice to run in!!! i'm glad you're back to blogging. i love your blog and seeing your precious family. it always makes me wish we lived closer w all the similarities ! :) Happy birthday to miss Kara!