Mini me

Kirsten is always trying to be "just like mommy".  She has shirts she calls her "mommy shirts" because they are similar to mine. She's my little buddy! When I go out for a run, or am doing any exercise, she has to get her running shirt, shorts, and shoes on too. Most of the time when I'm finished she meets me outside and we run around the block together :)

Here we go!

Oh, and I got some new runnning shoes a couple days ago! I've been an Asics girl for the past 4 years, but I really loved the feel of these Nikes (air pegasus+28) and they were about $30 bucks cheaper than the Asics so I made the switch. They're very comfy and I love the pink :)

This is what the girls do everytime I head out. Bye girls! 

Kara loves standing at our glass door watching everything, of course this means it's always covered in little handprints :)

I'm loving this spring/summer weather!

Beautiful tree, but don't let it fool you! The flowers on it smell disgusting! Like rotten fish or something....weird!


  1. We have those same trees in our yard and all over our neighborhood. We went for a walk the other day and every time we passed one Isaiah kept saying "What's that stinky smell?!"