Fun times!

We had the best day today! This morning we took the girls to an easter egg hunt our church was hosting. They had the kids seperated by age groups so Jack took Kara to hunt in her area, while I went with Kirsten to hers. They both had a great time grabbing all the eggs they could find. We saw the Easter Bunny there too, but kept our distance. Kirsten likes admiring from afar but get too close and she thinks she's going to be eaten or something :)
After the egg hunt we took the girls to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Kirsten always asks to go because they have a playplace, but since the main day we usually go out to eat is sunday (and they're closed) we don't get to go very often. After we ate we let the girls play for little while. We encouraged Kirsten to try climbing up the tower to the tunnels and slide again, but she won't go more than a couple steps up without backing out. I'm not sure what makes her so scared to try, she just won't do it. She always says, "Maybe when I'm four I'll like it."
After lunch we headed home and put them down for naps. They both slept for over 2 hours! Anyone who knows my kids know that they are not good sleepers and most days I'm lucky if they both sleep for more than an hour. So today was record breaking for sure! While the girls were napping I did a little laundry, swept and mopped the floor, then went for a run. I been trying to switch up my routes so I don't get too bored running the same thing everyday. I ran just over 4 miles today, and it felt great!
The girls were both up shortly after I got back, we ate some watermelon, then headed to the park. Jack wanted to take Kirsten to a park around the corner from us with a really tall slide to see if we could get Kirsten to like it. (He tried to get her to go down it last year but she started crying so he had to go up to get her.) Jack went down it first to show her it was fun and not scary :) After seeing Daddy do it she decided she wanted to give it a try. The first time she went down she was gripping the sides like crazy to keep herself from going very fast. But after a few times down she was laying back and holding up her feet so she could go even faster! I was so proud to see her conquer a fear and really enjoy herself!
After dinner tonight the girls were both super wound up! I love it now that Kara is older and can play with her sister more. They were chasing eachother around the house, playing in their tent, and giggling alot! We have such a fun time playing with our girls! We spent forever swinging them by their hands and feet and flopping them down on the couches :)
I love my family and feel so blessed to be able to spend my days with them!

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