I had plans this morning to take the girls to see a magician act at our local library. It didn't start until 10:30 so we took our time getting ready this morning, but before I knew it, It was 9:30 and we were all still in our pj's, and I still needed to shower. So I went into hyper speed to get us ready in time! We were out the door at 10:15, with just enough time to get there before it started. But when I went to start the keys! I had locked the keys in the house :( So we were stuck.

Thankfully I had my cell phone and Jack only works a couple minutes away, so he was able to come let me in. But we were still too late to see the magic show now. Kirsten was a little bummed, but I offered to take them to the park instead and that made it all better :)

So we played at the park for awhile, watched some ducks (there was one dead one laying in the grass...ahh, I told Kirsten it was taking a nap), and then headed to Kroger for a couple things.

Did you know that Kroger is the best place ever because you get suckers and can drive a car while mommy shops!? Those things are ridiculously hard to steer around the store though, I'm constantly having to apologize for ramming things and people. oops! But they don't mind because of the two cuties riding up front :)

Then we met daddy for lunch at Firehouse Subs. It's gotta be one of my favorite places! Mainly because of their 100+ flavor coke machine. Things like these are what make it hard for me to quit drinking soda :)

So the morning ended up being pretty fun after all even though things didn't go quite as planned. Here the girls are enjoying their suckers on the way home.

Her hair is a mess!

Love these girls!

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