having fun outside!

We've been having some lovely weather here lately! Warm, sunny, and perfect! So lots of outdoor play has been happening. We have a tiny little swingset in our backyard that we bought for the girls. It's nice to have something right here so they can go out and play for a couple minutes here and there throughout the day. Kara is constantly walking to our backdoor, begging to go out and play. If I step out for just a sec to take out the trash or something she is right behind me trying to sneak out.
We got the plastic pool out a couple times this past week, Kara still hates it though. Which is weird to me because she really isn't timid about anything else, and loves splashing in water. So she just played to the side while Kirsten splashed around. I want to set up our big pool, but since we're renting this year we probably can't. It kills a big circle of grass and would take up a huge portion of our backyard : ( We might have to make some trips to the public pools this year. I'm going swimming suit shopping tomorrow...ugghh! Pray for me! haha!

blowing on her pretend's hot!

sharing some with sissy

my gorgeous girl :)

finished swimming, now time for an icecream cone!

ignore the mess, my living room is tiny and a constant clutter of toys!

chocolate face!

love her! Such a goofy girl! 

 I'm doing it! So far this week I've done a good job getting myself out of bed early and getting a run in before the girls get up. It feels so good to have my workout done and out of the way by 7am.

sorry for the blurry pic. I was trying out the self timer option on my camera, I guess I need a prop of some sort for it to focus on first :(


  1. You look great girl! And way to go! Getting your run in first thing! Do you get to have supper all together now? :) and swimsuit shopping is the worst but I'm sure you'll look like a hot momma in whatever you choose!

    1. Thanks KC! You're always so encouraging :) Yes, it's been so nice sitting down together everynight and not having to rush through the evening. Definitely worth a little less sleep!