a little bit of running talk

I usually run as soon as Jack gets home from work. I get dinner prepped, or in the oven depending on what we are having and then take off. He eats and feeds the girls while I run, so that when I get back he can get to the gym before it closes. It makes the evenings very hectic and rushed! So next week I am determined to start making myself get up before the girls and get my run out of the way first thing in the morning. Getting up an hour earlier will take some getting used to, but I really hate not having the time to eat dinner as a family every night. So I need to make myself do it!
I signed up to run a 5k race on May 19th so I've been working on increasing my speed during my runs some this week. I'm running the race just for fun, and am definitely not the speediest runner, but would love it if I'm able to shave a little bit of time off from my last 5k. Right now my pace is right around a 9 minute mile, I'd love to get that down to 8:30 by race day, so we'll see.
I'm also working on running longer distances. I started running for exercise in high school and it's always just been something I do to stay in shape. I've pretty much always run 3-4 miles every time and that's it. But I want to see if I can go further, So I'm making Saturdays my long run day. Last week I ran 5.4 miles (my longest run ever so far) and it felt really good. I honestly felt like I could have kept on going. This Saturday I'll shoot for 6 miles, and keep increasing by 1/2 a mile or so each week.
I'm going to run in the Bluegrass 10k on July 4th, and if it goes well, I may sign up to run a 1/2 marathon in October!... Maybe, we'll see :)

I found this shirt in the bottom of one of our drawers tonight. It's an old track shirt of Jack's from when he was 9 or 10 years old. Ha ha! Cute...right!

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  1. Way to go girl! You look great fit and beautiful! You're doing awesome on running. I'm working on increasing my distance right now too. I have the bridge into 10k app and Jonathan and I are doing a half in the fall. Eek I need to get my butt in gear to be prepared for it. I definitely think u should do one! I think waking up an hour before the girls is a great goal bc dinner as a family is so important but man sleeping is sooooo nice. So good luck w that! Lol