Girls just want to have fun!

I love LOVE having two little girls! They have so much fun together! Kara wants to be just like big sissy and do everything she does. And Kirsten is the best big sister!
If Kara wkes up from her nap before Kirsten she kind of wanders around lost, not sure what to do without her sister, she walks back to Kirsten's bedroom door and checks to see if she's awake. And she gets SUPER excited when she hears Kirsten calling for me to get her out of bed. It's very sweet!
It's so funny to me to see them already developing the same relationship that I had with my sister when we were little. Best friends one minute, screaming and whining at each other the next. I forsee lots of "she's touching me",  "but, I had it first", "she won't play with me". ....ordeals to work out. But for all the little spats they may have, I hope they have a billion more memories of fun times, just like I have with my sister.

We've been having alot of fun making memories so far this summer...

                                                   Finger painting! Kara's first time!

Eating Fro-yo!

Their new favorite thing, pretending to go for a walk in the babydoll stroller!

Practicing writing our ABC's. She's a pro!

And taking her first ever BALLET Class! She said "Soon I'll be a real ballerina!"

And then waiting for Daddy to get home from work to join in the fun! They get SO excited when they see him pull in the drive way!

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