This past weekend Jack's parents came to stay and visit with us for a fews days. Our 7th anniversary was on the 25th so we took a day and went to King's Island, just the two of us! We love amusement parks and water parks! We went to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA in Virginia on our honeymoon and we've celebrated several of our anniversaries by taking trips to different parks. We had never been to King's Island before so we wanted to try it out. It wasn't the best as far as amusement parks go, and we felt lost most of the time trying to find our way around, but we still had a really good time. I'm very thankful to my inlaws for keeping the girls for the day so we could have some time away!

Then on Sunday we all went to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge for a couple of days. We rented a cabin way up in the mountains that was beautiful! The first night we got there just in time to take the girls to Dollywood to see the Gazillion Bubbles show. It wasn't quite what I expected but still very cool and the girls were mezmorized by all the bubbles.
The next day we ate breakfast out at a pancake place before heading back to Dollywood. I spent my childhood going to Silver Dollar City in Branson, so I loved Dollywood! It was so fun to take the girls to do something I always loved so much growing up. They had a blast riding all the kids rides!

Kara "driving" the car with Daddy, you can hardly see her tiny little head :)

Kirsten LOVED driving! She took it very seriously :)

We spent all day riding rides and were all completely wiped by the time we left. It was a very fun day! We spent our last day walking through Gatlinburg's strip, eating lunch at Loco Burro, and then making one last stop at a little carnival area  for the girls to play.

riding the mini train!

Kirsten REALLY wanted to ride the swings at Dollywood, but she wasn't big enough for them yet. So we took her to ride the small ones at The Track
 If you can't tell Kara LOVED them too!

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