Giddy up!

I am loving the new fall like weather! We've been taking advantage and spending a lot of time outside. The girls love riding bikes and taking walks around the block. I push Kara in the stroller and Kirsten rides her new big girl bike!
Today after naps I took the girls to our neighborhood park to play. We brought our snacks and had a little picnic and then spent a long time playing. It's so nice now that Kara is big enough to climb and slide by herself. They have a blast! I forgot my camera so I took pictures with my phone but they're not any good so I'll just share some other pics from last night and today instead.


Kirsten loves pretending to be a teacher and Kara is her little student. She gets out paper and has Kara do her "work". We've had this step stool out since we're doing a lot of painting and other things. So the girls have started using it as a little desk. I got back from a run last night and found them playing like this :)

washing off her hands after she's all done.

Kirsten loves pretending to be the mommy too. Sometimes this gets her in trouble, because she can get a little bossy! But generally she is very sweet and helpful. She especially loves helping with all the chores. Here she is helping me do the dishes last night. 

Going for a horse ride around the house. They're loving having a little more space to play!
Kara says "diddy up!"

Out on the deck playing with bubbles and eating popsicles! 

I'm super excited for all things fall! Trips to the pumpkin patches, corn mazes, sweaters, crunchy leaves, painting pumpkins, pumpkin pie...pretty much pumpkin anything!

What are some of your favorite fall traditions?

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