Master Bedroom redesign (Before and After)

Well, we got one more room checked off the to-do list. The master bedroom wasn't too horrible to begin with, just some tacky wall border and lots of nail holes to cover. We went with grays for the walls again, using the same gray as the bathroom for 3 of the walls and painting one accent wall a dark gray.
I got a little crafty with this room, creating wall hangings for above the bed, painting some accents for around the room, and making the throw pillow on the bed.

                                                      So here it was before:

And now after:

We bought blank canvases from Hobby Lobby and covered 2 with fabric, the middle one I spray painted white and then painted a wood "love" cutout (also from hobby lobby) black and glued it to the canvas. The whole project cost less than $20.

I took a couple clear glass vases I had and painted them teal blue to match the room. We poured the paint into the vases and then swirled them around and let them drip upside down until they were completely dry.

The previous owners left this owl on the back deck but he was brown and normal looking. I spray painted it white and gave him some teal eyes. He watches me while I sleep! I maybe going a little crazy from all the paint!

I made these little signs for the wall. I just printed off pieces of lyrics to some of my favorite worship songs, modpodged them on to scrapbook paper, and popped them into frames.  

Before we moved we refinished our headboard/foot board and one of our dressers. They are both old hand me downs we got from my parents. Here's a picture to show what they looked like before.

We stained them black and added new brushed nickel nobs to the dresser. It's like a brand new set! And to think we lived with them this way for 7 years, when it only took about 50 bucks and a few hours of our weekend to make them look 1000 times better! :)

So there you have it. Next up...putting the finishing touches on our living room!

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