The meltdown

So here's the story.
Last night after giving the girls a bath I was getting Kara dressed in her jammies while Kirsten got hers on in the bathroom. Then I went in to check on Kirsten and she had twisted her towel on her head to hold her hair like I do, and was getting ready to put her shirt on over the top. I told her "We need to take your towel off your head, because the shirt won't fit over it." I went to take it off and she LOST IT! She started screaming "NO, I want it on! Don't take it!" She was going crazy, pulling on the towel and screaming. It was seriously nuts!

So I took the towel away from her, and told her that because chose to throw a fit she was going right to bed with no cartoons or snack. And of course this made her even more irrate. So I carried her kicking and screaming to her bed, and shut the door.
It even made Kara cry. (she was crawling behind me watching all of this unfold)
So while Kirsten was in her bedroom screaming her head off, I finished getting Kara ready for bed and laid her down. (thankfully they both have sound machines so Kara couldn't hear Kirsten anymore)
After about 10-15 minutes she had finally calmed down, so I went into her room and talked to her about what she did wrong. (We always reinforce that bad choice lead to bad consequences, and good choices have good consequences.)  She said "I think I will do gooder tomorrow."  Then I gave her hugs/kisses and tucked her in for the night like normal.

Thankfully, Kirsten has only thrown full out tantrums a handful of times and this was probably the worst of them all so far. It's no fun at all to parent in situations like these...I am not sure how I will handle it when both the girls are teenagers!


  1. I'm so glad you posted this. This is going to sound incredibly selfish but KP threw the BIGGEST BIGGEST fit I've ever seen or heard two nights ago. I felt like I was one of the parents on Supernanny or something. I felt like a failure as a mom, even though I know that isn't true...but just reading that other moms REALLY DO have to deal with huge toddler fits its encouraging to me. My daughter's not the only one! lol.