Standing tall

Kara has become a big time food mooch. Anytime one of us is eating something she crawls over to us and  says "ah ah ah" begging for a bite. This wednesday I was on the couch eating a bowl of cereal, so of course she crawled over to me, but this time she pulled herself up to stand! For the first time! I was so excited for her!

Now she is doing it all the time. The only problem is she hasn't figured out how to get back down gracefully. So she will either eventually fall down, or she just stands there whining for me to help her :) Kirsten likes to help he sit back down, but she just grabs her around the waist and's a little rough.

Today I was cleaning in the kitchen and Kirsten said "Look Mom, Kara is standing to look at the snow" This is how I found her :) So cute!


  1. How exciting! So glad you had your camera close to capture the moments!