Our New Year's Rockin' Eve Party!

Yesterday I was talking to Kirsten about how it was New Year's Eve and telling her about the big party that they have in New York to celebrate. So then Kirsten wanted to have our own party too. I had been a little bummed I would be spending the night alone since Jack's still out of town, but now that Kirsten was excited to have a party I wanted to make a fun night out if it!

We made silly party hats and cut out confetti...

First we played games...

Kara ate cheerios while we played, she kept trying to eat the game pieces.

Then we watched Dora and ate pizza.

Kara wouldn't keep her hat on, so I ended up wearing it :)

We got out our keyboards and spent a long time dancing and singing... there's a video of Kirsten singing on my facebook, if you want to watch. She's a goofball!

And then it was time to count down to the New 8:00pm :) We threw up our confetti and said Happy New Year!

Kirsten LOVED the confetti, so we counted down and threw the confetti over and over again :)

It wasn't Time Square but it was still a rockin' great night! :)


  1. SO CUTE! I love it! You're such a sweet mom Tina, you can just tell. <3

  2. Love love love this!!! :) how cute & fun!!