A Day in My Life

I love being a mommy and spending my day taking care of my girls. Here is what a day in my life looks like right now. It may not be that exciting to some,  but I love doing what I do. God made me for this :)

7:45am - Kara wakes up, I wake up change Kara's diaper and get her dressed.
8:00am - I eat breakfast while Kara plays on the floor.
8:15am - Nurse
8:30am - Kirsten wakes up - I get her dressed, make her breakfast, and feed Kara her baby cereal
9:00am- Playtime, while I do dishes/laundry or whatever else needs done.
9:45am - Lay Kara down for nap and start a cartoon for Kirsten so I can take a shower/get ready.
10:15am- playtime with Kirsten until Kara wakes up.
10:45ish - Kara wakes up, then we all go outside to play.
11:15 - Nurse Kara
11:30 - pick up toys, start getting Lunch ready.
12-1pm - Lunchtime (Jack comes home and we eat lunch together)
1:30pm- Naptime- my time :) most days I only have about 1 hour where both of the girls are asleep at the  same time. I usually mess around on the internet, pay bills, fold laundry, or watch TV.
2:30pm- Nurse Kara
3:00pm - Snack time - Kirsten wakes up grumpy sometimes so when that happens I let her chill and watch a cartoon to get out of her funk :)
3:30-5pm - If I have errands I need to run this is when we usually go, otherwise we will play outside if it's nice or stay inside and do crafts, play dough, whatever Kirsten is wanting to do.
4:30pm Kara takes another small nap.
5:15pm- I start cooking supper and get Kirsten cleaned up.
5:30pm- Nurse Kara
6:00pm - Daddy comes home! While he entertains the girls I finish up supper.
6:30pm - We eat :)
7-8pm - We play, watch TV, clean up the clutter from the day, etc.
8pm- Bath time for the girls.
8:30pm- I nurse Kara, and put her to bed, While Kirsten has a snack and plays with Daddy or watches a cartoon.
9:00pm - Brush Kirsten's teeth, read stories, nighty-nighty!
9:30pm till I decide to go to bed, chill time :) (spend time with hubby, blog, read, tv, and some kind of chocolate!)

So that's my typical day. I like having my girls on a pretty predictable routine, but of course there are days when we have stuff going on that throws everything a little off but I always try to go right back to the normal schedule the next day. It seems to really help them to know what to expect when and it allows me to be able to plan out the things that I need to get done as well.

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  1. I love schedules, I think routines really are best for children. That's why I love my classroom routine, and when I have kids I bet I will love coming up with one for them :)