Whining and Rolling

Lately there has been lots of whining from this one...

and rolling around from this one....

Kirsten has been a DRAMA QUEEN! She has at least one major meltdown daily over something small and ridiculous like not getting a particular snack that she wants, having to take a nap, or like tonight she broke down because she didn't want to sit down in the bathtub when I was trying to give her a bath.
We have been trying to talk to her about how it's important to listen and obey immediately when we ask her to do something, and that if she chooses not to then there are consequences.
I think this is just part of growing up for her and becoming a little more independent. We are trying to be consistent with our discipline when she acts up so that with time she will learn that whining gets her no where. I need prayers for patience though, because man the whining drives me nuts!

Kara stills hates being on her stomach but now she has learn to roll over from her back to stomach really well, so she is doing that all the time and then getting frustrated because she is on her stomach :) Silly child. She is also starting to sit up really well! I think crawling is a ways off however. She scoots herself around the floor on her back and LOVES to suck on her toes :)  I can't believe she is almost 6 months old now!

How do you respond when your child whines or argues? What works and what doesn't?


  1. I respond with earplugs and a stiff drink:) no seriously, my kids all whine and I have never given into it. In fact, if you ask them what Mommy hates most, they will tell you whining. I think it is something they need more self control to be able to stop. So for now,when the whining starts, they get a warning and then if it continues off to their room until Mommy is ready to deal with them again.

  2. With my son, I tell him, "Job, you're whining. If you want to talk to me you'll have to ask calmly." I think you might find this post encouraging, Tina:

    It really helped put things in perspective for me. Prayers for you!