This happened a couple weeks ago...
We sold our house!

And tomorrow we are moving out. The next couple days are gonna be crazy, we move out tomorrow, sunday we need to clean out this house, and then Monday we start school and close on the house.

I will really miss this house and especially the location. It's been sooo perfect for Kirsten to be able to play outside with out having to worry about cars or anything. And she has become best friends with the girl across the street :)

We are just moving into a different house in the same neighborhood but it's still a little sad to move. It makes the best financial sense for us to sell right now so that's why we are even though we don't really want to lose this house. Changes like this are always a little scary/sad for me, I am hoping we all love the new house, and that Kirsten finds some new neighbor friends to play with. (even though I am sure we will still have her best friend over to play)

Better go start packing :)

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