4 months

Kara is 4 months old! I seriously can not believe how fast she is changing! She seems to learn something new everyday. Her personality is really starting to come out now. She loves being around people and hates to be left alone. Anytime one of us walks into the room she perks up and smiles really big!

She can sit up now with a little support, chews on her fingers all the time, and loves to blow raspberries!

I love her big blue eyes! and those chubby cheeks :)

Kara loves playing under her little gym, she pulls down on the toys so hard trying to get them to her mouth. She scoots all around on her back pushing off with her feet. And she is quite the giggler!
Her big sister makes her laugh all the time!

 I love you Kara Mae! Happy 4 month Birthday!

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  1. wow! it was like you were describing my 4 month old. big blue eyes, chubby cheeks and raspberries! :) 4 months is such a fun age! :)