beauty school drop out

Kirsten has been needing a hair cut for awhile now, but I have been putting it off. Not because I was afraid to cut her "baby" hair, but because I do not like paying for hair cuts. For this reason I have been cutting Jack's hair for several years now and I usually only get my hair cut once every 6 months to a year when I can have my sister do it. You can call me cheap, but that's how we roll :)

Anyway, I decided last night that I would try to cut Kirsten's hair myself too. I figured if I happened to screw it up I could always take her to the salon to get it fixed. I went online and read a couple of tutorials on how to cut girls hair,  it seemed simple enough, so then this morning I did it! It probably took me 3 times as long as a professional but I am really happy with the results! And woohoo for saving 20 bucks!

Here she is before...

and After!

Random Trivia: What movie features the song that is the title of this post?