baby giggles

A lot happened this weekend.
Thursday night we took the girls to a kids program (called Off the Hook) at our church. It was a really cute play about how we should forgive others like God forgives us: For Real, For Free, Forever! :) My in-laws also drove into town that night to spend a few days with us.

Friday for lunch we grilled out hamburgers and potatoes and I made baked beans. I followed this recipe from The Pioneer Woman and they really were the best baked beans ever! Super easy and very tasty!
The remainer of the day my mother in law helped me clean the house for a showing we had that night. (We have had our house up for sale for over 6 months now. We would like to move closer back to Missouri at some point and want the freedom to do so whenever the right job comes available.) Our realtor called later that night and said the people wanted to see the house again Saturday afternoon. Then Saturday night they made us an offer on the house and after a little negotiating back and forth, we finally have a contract to sell our house!

Part of the contract called for us to fix the fence on our property, it has been leaning since we bought the house two years ago. There are a bunch of trees and bushes next to the fence that have been growing over the fence and pulling it down. So after church on Sunday Jack and his dad spent the afternoon fixing the fence. It is now standing pretty and as good as new!
Jack took a little break from working on the fence sunday night to take me out on a date for our anniversary. We wanted to go somewhere casual where we could just relax and talk so we chose Red Robin :) We are a burger and fries kind of couple!  And it was perfect just to get away for a couple hours by ourselves! We hardly ever go out on dates, and need to make a point to do this a lot more often because we like each other :)

Here is some little baby giggles from tonight...sorry if the mommy/baby talk is over the top. I'll do anything to make my girls laugh! :)


  1. well, i LOVE the mommy/baby talk and it worked! She is precious and there is nothing more heart warming than baby giggles :)

  2. CONGRATS on the contract! So excited for you!!!!

  3. sounds like life is good for you! :) so awesome!