I want Mommy!

I can always tell when Kirsten has done something she knows she is not supposed to do, like pee her pants or spill or break something.  She gets this worried innocent look on her face and says "I want mommy" in a shy voice. Today we went to lunch at Penn Station Subs (sidenote: they have the best fries ever!) and I brought her lunch along with us. While we were eating she starting saying "I want mommy" when I was sitting right beside her but I couldn't figure out why until we started to leave. I looked under the table and there were all her apples on the floor! She has never done this before! Here I was thinking she did a great job eating her food, but no she had been dropping them on the floor instead! Where do kids learn this!!! I mean you see it in commercials but come on! Maybe Kirsten has seen those commmercials, yeah that's it, I will blame it on TV :)

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