Food Matters

This afternoon while the girls where napping I watched a documentary on Netflix called Food Matters. If you haven't see this yet I would really recommend checking it out. The movie discusses how important it is to feed our body healthy, raw, organic foods. It talks about the amazing benefits vitamins and minerals have, and how we can actually use those things to prevent and fight off diseases rather than resorting to modern medicine with all the adverse side effects.

A few key things I took away from this documentary where:
  • It really is true: Garbage in, Garbage out!
  • "Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food" - Hippocrates.
  • Take your Vitamins!
  • Drink 1 liter of water every morning before eating anything else. This jumps starts your metabolism, and helps to flush out the yuck :)
  • Strive to make at least 51% of your diet raw (uncooked) to get the maximum amount of nutrients you can.
  • It is up to me to take responsibility for what I put in my mouth. Instead of investing in houses and cars, we need to be investing in our lives by feeding ourselves and our children wholesome foods.
I thought it was really cool how the movie kept pointing to the fact that if we treat our bodies right they are perfectly capable of staying healthy and fighting diseases. There are naturally occurring vitamins to fight virtually every ailment, from depression to cancer.

I know how important it is to eat healthy and take care of my body, but it is so easy to get lazy and complacent. This film was a good reminder! Even more so as a Christian I know my body is a temple of God! Am I really honoring that body by putting all that junk food into it?

If you decide to check out "Food Matters" I'd love to hear what you think.

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  1. sounds interesting! i'll try to remember to look this up tomorrow!