My weakness...well one of them!

Our house inspection was today so I had to take the girls somewhere for a couple hours. First we went to the park for a little bit and then to Target to pick up a few things. Well, I have this weakness. I can NOT go to Target without getting a jumbo soft pretzel! Yummo for warm doughy salty goodness! So that along with a Pepsi ended up being my lunch. Delicious,yes...Nutritious, um I wish!

So to make up for my lunch I decided to make a super healthy smoothie for a snack this afternoon. I have been making smoothies a lot this summer because they are super easy, refreshing, and very filling.

Today's mix included:
frozen banana
about 1 cup frozen fruit (strawberries, pineapple, mango, peaches)
a handful of fresh spinach
1/3 cup vanilla greek yogurt
about 1 cup skim milk

Just load it all into the blender, and blend till smooth and creamy.

One big glass of deliciousness :)


Kara kept making this face everytime I tried to take her picture...she is such a happy girl!

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