with sprinkles on top

Today before lunch we all went to the eye glass store to pick Jack out a pair of glasses. He hasn't worn glasses since high school and has been relying on contacts alone. So we had no idea what style to get him, but I think we found a winner.
After we ordered his glasses, Jack went back to work and the girls and I went to Sonic for lunch. Kirsten and I sat in the car to eat while Kara napped in her car seat. Kirsten loves when I take her to Sonic because she gets to climb up and sit in the front seat by me :) I had my usual Cherry Coke with a junior burger and mozz sticks. Yummy!
Once we got home I laid Kirsten down for a nap, nursed Kara and played with her for a little while till she was ready for another nap. After naps we had a quick snack and then went outside to swim. I am so glad we bought the little pool that we did. It has been a lot of fun! Both of the girls really love it!

I tried out a new recipe for dinner tonight. Grilled Chicken with Balsamic BBQ sauce -
I used boneless skinless chicken breast instead of bone in chicken and served it with grilled potatoes and steamed asparagus.

I thought the chicken was REALLY good! I asked Jack what he thought and he said "It's ok." :(  I got my first clue that he might not be a fan when he came home and asked "what's that smell?" Hmm.. I have some sauce leftover so I am hoping to convince him to love it too, because I really want to make this again sometime. I thought it was perfectly sweet and juicy!

We cleaned up dinner and then decided to use a BOGO coupon I had for Bruster's to go get some ice cream. They give little kids a free kiddie cone so of course Kirsten always wants to go. She gets purple vanilla with sprinkles and candy eyes :) It makes a big mess!

By the time we got home it was 9pm and past time for bed. What a fun day!

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