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Random post about what my girls are up to these days....

Kara FINALLY rolled over on Friday! But, it happened once and not again since :(
Jack and I comment to each other several times a day about how good of a baby Kara is, and it's true! She is sweetest thing and is ALWAYS happy! She loves to laugh and giggles all the time. Daddy gets jealous cause she laughs so easy for me! She thinks Kirsten is hilarious, and Kirsten loves being goofy to make her laugh.

We have been giving Kara rice cereal a couple times a day for a few weeks now and it seems to be helping with the spit up problem we were having. I am going to buy some veggies this week to start making her baby food.

School starts in a few weeks and I will be teaching 3 mornings a week so I need to get Kara to start taking a bottle. I tried a couple times last week and she refused! I am going to start trying to give her a bottle for her morning feeding most days this week so maybe by the time school starts she will be okay with it. (fingers crossed!)

Kirsten never stops talking. She goes on and on about everything! She is very observant and has lots of questions about everything she sees. Sometimes it wears me OUT!
Yesterday she was out playing in her kiddie pool and she started singing "baby, baby, baby, oh!" yeah...Beiber! haha! She said she learned it from her cousin mercadies and then told me it was a song about Jesus. lol!

Kirsten is my big helper. She loves to help me fold clothes (she can do the washcloths perfectly), wash dishes, sweep, vaccuum, and take care of her baby sissy! Sometimes it makes the chores take longer but I try to always let her help in some way if she wants to.

She has been completely potty trained during the day for a long time now but still pees at night, so I always put a pull-up on her for bedtime. I am not sure how to teach her to stay dry overnight. Any tips?

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