I can't believe she's THREE!

My baby is 3 years old now! Really? That can't be possible, where has the time gone? It seems like no time ago I was holding this little thing....

And now she is 3, hardly even a toddler any more! Ready to go to preschool in 2 weeeks :)

We had our own little family celebrations this Thursday on her actual Birthday.

 We went to Mcdonald's for lunch and got her a happy meal!

Then we had cake and presents at home. Kirsten helped me make the cake and hang up balloons and streamers.

After Jack got off work that night we all went to Chuck-E-Cheese! Yay! We just let Kirsten play some games and didn't get a pizza because they are digusting and over priced ;)

 She is so funny when we take her places like this, she is so excited to go and when we get there she is overwhelmed by all that's going on and gets so distracted watching the other kids that she just kinda stands there staring. We have to guide her along to different things because she just keeps stopping to watch :)

She has grown up so much in the past year, leaving all the baby type things behind. She sleeps in a big girl bed, wears big girl panties, gets herself dressed, and talks like she's an adult. :) She can run, jump, shoot a basketball, spell her name, speak spanish (ok maybe just a few words, thanks to Dora!), and never ceases to amaze me with the things she says and does. I can't wait to see all the changes she goes through in the year ahead!


  1. She is so so cute! And yes, the time goes by too quickly! :)

  2. What a big girl! And one proud Mommy, I'm sure. Happy birthday! :)