If all the rain drops where lemon drops and gum drops....

Oh what a rain that would be!

Today we played in the rain :)

...trying to taste the rain

Kirsten doesn't have rainboots so she wore her snow boots to splash in the puddles!

We have been trying to do lots of tummy time with Kara to get her to roll over, but she HATES it! Most of the time she just buries her face in the floor until I give up and roll her over. Today she actually put forth a little effort, and stayed like this for a minute or so. We are getting somewhere :)

Her first taste of baby cereal. Can't you tell she loves it. Bleck!


  1. Keep it up momma! :) you're doing great and shell be a rolling machine soon! :)

  2. FYI, anytime she spends laying on your chest or your hubby's counts as tummy time too!

  3. I love face Kara is making. Hilarious! Chi would NOT eat rice cereal. Kirsten looks like she's having a ton of fun!