Party Time

We took a few days this week and went to Missouri to celebrate Kirsten's 3rd Birthday. She told me she wanted a Princess party and a Ballerina party, so that's what we did. First we drove to St. Louis to celebrate with my side of the family at my Grandparents house. They have a big pool party every year with all the extended family so we decided to do Kirsten's party with it this year.

Kirsten with her little cousins :)

My Mom and Dad with all my siblings and our kids.
Then it was on to Moberly for a Ballerina party with Jack's family. We had a great time celebrating with his parents, grandparents, and some aunts and uncles. Kirsten wore a ballerina dress that her cousin gave her the day before. She looked so cute, and loved being all dressed up!


  1. How cute!! She looked like she had SO much fun! They get cuter and cuter.

  2. Kairi loved all the pics in this post. :) she said a princess!

  3. So cute! Mercedes has got so big!